Reception 24H

hall hotel elba

Lots of hotels in Rimini Riviera are family-run.

One of the drawbacks of this kind of management is that if you go out in the night and come back late, you’re likely to find your hotel already closed for the day everybody has gone to bed,  you have no access to your room.  So you ring that little bell and if you’re lucky you manage to wake up the old man the owner… who will come in his slippers and open the door.  But what if he doesn’t wake up? you will be spending your next 3 hours on a beach bed, dreaming of your hotel room which you had paid for. And this too is only until the beach cleaner comes early morning to start his work, so you are no longer comfortable there.


Now it’s time to say ENOUGH!
In our hotels there’s always a doorman or a watcher on his night shift waiting for you!
Our receptions are always open every day and night.
You can go out and come in at any time just showing your Personal Card or that lovely little rubber bracelet.